Call Us at 330-358-2774 for Details & Pricing

Mid-April until Mid-October

All sites are based on immediate family of 4
Seasonal passes for immediate family only
& non-transferable

Electric: $0.19/kwh
Emergency: $30 ($40 for 2 ports),
$60 on holiday weekends

All guests are required to check in at the office to register from Memorial to Labor Day Weekends and Halloween weekends.
There is a $10/day FEE!
Unregistered guests will be $20/day FEE!

• Site deposit of $500 due September 1 and balance due by March 31
• Electric due 7/31, 10/1 and 10/30 weeks from final bill.
• $25/month/invoice late fee
Thank You for choosing Country Acres Campground as your Seasonal Summer Community!

Please understand rates are subject to change without notice.

Be courteous, respectful and happy ☺ campers!

Summer Community Site Guidelines

Plastic sheds are allowed and encouraged.
When locating them, please do not interfere with your neighbor’s lot.
This helps keep sites tidy and clean.
All deck must be built in sections no larger than 40 SF (5×8, 4×10 or smaller sections).
We take pride in our beautiful campground – therefore, grass/weeds must be kept at bay. If they are high (~6”), you will be notified. We will then cut it for $75/occurrence.
Weed kill of gravel is $75/occurrence.
Please help us with the appearance of the park by also keeping your site free of leaves and debris.
Florida/Screen rooms and other permanent structures are not permitted.
A “for sale” list will be kept in the office for prospective buyers. This eliminates any sign on your camper or lot (signs not permitted). There is a listing fee of $100.
Pets are leashed and not to be left unattended outside.
Grey and black water MUST be disposed of properly.
• Please keep you camper clean and organized.
Stack firewood using racks, not between trees.
• Please use retractable clotheslines and do not leave them up empty.
Refrigerators/Freezers or upholstered furniture are not allowed outside.
• No tents on sites are permitted.

• All tarps must be removed by 2 weekends prior to Memorial Day.
• All electric must be paid by the due dates or a $25 finance charge will occur.
• Electric golf carts are permitted with a $100/year fee.
You must also present proof of liability insurance. Must stay on gravel roads. Your site number must be clearly visible on the back roof. All passengers need to be seated on a seat. Only those with a license may drive, NO exceptions. Must have lights on front and reflectors on back to drive at night. Only allowed 1 infraction and upon a second infraction, golf cart needs to be removed with no refund.

We appreciate you adhering to these guidelines.
Remember, if you are not sure of something, please ask us first!

Happy Camping!